Eylon Tushiner - Tenor Saxophone • Yaron Ouzana- Trombone • Elad Gelert - Baritone Saxophone • Bar Ashkenazi - Trumpet • Eitan Drabkin - Keyboards • Nadav Bracha - Bass Guitar • Ilan Smilan - Electric Guitar • Matan Asayag - Drums • Rani Birenbaum - Percussion • Shahar Ber - Percussion • Raz Eytan - Percussion

The "Hoodna Orchestra" is an 11-piece orchestra established in 2012 in South Tel Aviv by a group of young musicians who became a central force in the Tel Aviv Groove scene.

At the beginning of their journey the Orchestra focused on learning and playing Afrobeat, and over time, following the experience of playing diverse musical genres and collaborations with different musicians (Esther Rada, Kutiman, Karolina, Abate Berihun, Gili Yalo and others), the Orchestra developed a unique musical line and sound, characterized by the fusion of different musical styles.

During the years 2013-2015, the Orchestra played every major festival in Israel, as well as all the main venues around the country. In June 2015 the Orchestra launched its debut album titled "Let Go". The album includes original compositions in the spirit of Afrobeat. The album was launched at the Barby Club in Tel Aviv and was very well received by the public.